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Translation Service (TS) and Proof-reading Service (PS) Request Form

Please complete this form together with your agency's chop and your signature and return with documents to be translated by fax to (No.:3106 0455) or email (tis-cheer@hkcs.org) at least 14 working days in advance. We will reply you via email within 3 working days. Information provided will be disclosed to our assigned interpreters and authorized staff of CHEER for the purpose to follow up your request.

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*Fees & Charges for Government Departments
Translation : HK$2 per English word per language requested. (Minimum charge HK$300)
Proof-reading : HK$1 per ethnic minority word per language requested. (Minimum charge HK$100)
Translations done by third parties can be proof-read by CHEER. Recommendations for amendments will be marked with ink on the copies. The marked copies with an appendix indicating all suggestions will be sent to the requesters. Subsequent requests for the provision of amendments shall be treated as an additional translation request and will be charged accordingly.
*Fees are waived for NGOs and all non- profit-making kindergartens, primary and secondary schools, colleges as listed in the EDB. Eligible materials for translation or proof reading services are mainly information that promote EM's access to public service/ service information, such as a brief introduction to services of a Centre This is subject to a maximum of 800 words per request. Please contact us for requests above 800 words.